Commercial Real Estate Agents – Make Your Property Marketing Sizzle and Attract Enquiries

In commercial real estate there are plenty of things to do in attracting more readerships to your advertisements.  It is one thing to use the right choices of media; it is another to encourage readership and enquiry.  You can make your marketing really sizzle through simple strategies.

Here are some marketing rules to set the scene in advertising your commercial property effectively and professionally:

  • You must be factual – understand the features and facts of the property.  Check out all the facts before you craft your advertisement.  You really only need 5 or so key points to build a quality advertisement.  Get the client to review and approve the advertising copy before you send it to the media; that simple strategy saves so many problems later with the client.
  • You cannot mislead – some agents can go too far in property description as part of marketing.  That may be intentional or a simple mistake, however the facts are the facts and you cannot mislead the public; lawyers for clients are waiting to sue any agent that negligently describes or misrepresents a property for sale or lease.  If you are in any doubt about a property or a client with the information provided, don’t advertise until you have checked all the facts.
  • Simplicity wins over complexity – most buyers and tenants reading an advert just want to initially see and read the basic facts.  Catching the eye of the reader is main part of the process.  White space in the advert design, professional photographs, and dot points make an advertisement stand out.
  • Words of attraction will help describe your property – there are plenty of words to use in describing a property without being misleading.  Most of us have a limitation on the number of words that we can draw on for the advertising copy.  To help solve the problem you can use a thesaurus to give you that extra creativity and uniqueness with the advertisement.  Today many agents I know will carry a thesaurus on their smart phone for that ease of access at any time when crafting advertisements.

When you consider the different places that we can market a property for sale or lease, it soon becomes obvious that we can use different layouts and copy for the single property being promoted.  So any high quality commercial investment property can be the subject of different advertisements; in that way you can attract more enquiries.  Yes, I know that extra advertising effort takes time, but if you have an exclusive listing then the extra creativity makes a lot of sense.

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