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In commercial real estate there are limited ways in which you can differentiate your services and yet the property market is so competitive.  So what can you to build some factors that differentiate you as a property expert?  Obviously you can and should be the expert agent at selling and leasing certain property types in your location; beyond that you should create a presence and prominence online so that people remember you when pressures occur for them locally in property.  You can integrate your online presence into your social media.

To help with all of this you can create a blog and incorporate into that blog a ‘commercial property news service’.  The concept is informational and not something you design for pushing listings (you should already have websites for that).  Keep the blog for the purposes of talking about local property market trends in your town or city and include with that policy changes, opportunities, and investment strategies.  At least 3 times per week you can write something about property activities and observations for your area.

Many agents will struggle with this concept simply because they do not have the time or the focus to stick with it to the end.  This then leaves the matter for agents that really can focus on building local property presence.

Topics for Your News Service

Here are some topics and ideas that you can build into your commercial real estate blog as a ‘news service’ and marketing tool:

  1. Transport – Look at the transport solutions that businesses and the community requires. Are things changing?  Are they improving?  Visit the ports and airports to get ideas that will help you with writing articles about transport shifts and changes.
  2. Roads – Freeways, highways, and local roads all have an impact on property occupancy and use. Understand if any road changes are considered in the local area.
  3. New Property Developments – When new property developments are considered locally, it can shift the balance of the property supply and demand. That then has an impact on rents and prices.  Watch for upcoming changes in property developments or zoning.
  4. History of the area – There are plenty of things for you to write about when you look at the property history for your town or city.
  5. Case studies of recent property sales and rentals – When you do a deal of any type, consider how interesting it may be to local business owners and property investors. Does the property have a history?  Is it an interesting property?
  6. Tips for property investors or business owners about property use and change – When you consider the things that occur with property today, it is clear that relocations, expansions, and contractions all place pressures on the end users. You can write about that and give your readers ideas about how to handle property change and challenge.
  7. Levels of property inquiry recently – As the year progresses you will come across definite trends and requirements in property use and enquiry. You can talk about what buyers and tenants expect from a property today.

So here you have plenty of ideas to help you start a commercial real estate blog.  If you are skilled at writing, then use that skill as a marketing tool online.  Show the internet world that you are a property expert for the local area.

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