Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why ‘Expert Status’ is Essential to Build Your Business

In commercial real estate agency, you need to be an ‘expert’.  The clients that we serve expect you to be an expert in moving the deal ahead for them.  If you cannot get an exclusive listing from the client, then they do not see you as the ‘expert’ that they require.  They may give you a ‘chance’ with an ‘open’ listing, but they are not fully prepared to commit to you as the top agent to market and promote the property exclusively for them.

When we personally improve our skills and knowledge we take a step towards the ‘top agent’ profile that our clients require.  Practice and daily action are the keys to make the process work for you.  Over time you can build your profile and presence in the market.  Soon the clients and prospects will not be able to ignore you.  You know that you have succeeded in rising up the ranks of the agents in the local market when property people ring you directly for comments and with an invitation to list.

Here are some more tips to help you become that ‘property expert’ that our clients require:

  1. Clients cannot ignore you when they know that you have an abundance of top properties listed in the local area.  If they see your name on all the good properties they know that you are already successful in the market.  They want to tap into that success and get the same results for their property.   Use your local signboard presence as ‘leverage’ in getting more quality listings.
  2. Every time you list a quality property in the local region, get a ‘just listed’ direct mail piece sent to all the qualified property owners and investors in your database.  Every good listing is a great reason to talk to more local people.
  3. When you put a signboard on a property, ‘door knock’ the businesses and other property owners around the street and general precinct.  Meet the local people as part of putting a quality property on the market.
  4. When you put a good property sale or lease together, get a ‘success letter’ into the local businesses and property owners.  Invite others to talk to you about the successful transaction and the ongoing enquiry that may still be active.
  5. The ‘narrower’ your field of property speciality, the greater the chances of your success as an agent.  Many properties require very special knowledge and marketing action.  If you are a true ‘property specialist’ you can attract a lot more business locally (assuming that the local area contains enough listings of that type).  The clients that we serve prefer to use the agents that really understand the property type and the local area.   That is why you should be an expert.

If you have decided to make commercial real estate your long term career opportunity, then you can do well if you implement the above practices.  They take effort and focus, but they will help you rise fasted as the local agent that property owners and business proprietors require.

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