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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why You Should Get Directly Involved with Your Top VIP Clients

It is easy to lose focus when it comes to working on volumes of listings and doing so in a busy property market. Sometimes there are just so many things to do that you can forget about your high quality listings and top clients. Unfortunately when that occurs, loss of market share and slower commissions are usually the result.


If you find that your working days are very busy and pressured, don’t lose focus on the key issues of exclusive listings and your existing clients. Set aside time in your weekly diary activities to talk to your top clients and review the marketing activities and results of every exclusive listing.  Refresh your listings where necessary.


Essential Client Related Questions


In committing to the property market today, and your clients and listings, consider the following questions:

  1. What are the levels of enquiry coming to you for each exclusive listing?
  2. Have you spoken to the client about doing a listing refresh or change of advertising campaign activity?
  3. Have you followed up on the inspections undertaken recently for your exclusive listings?
  4. Have you had a serious discussion with your client’s regards recent marketing feedback and comparable property results?
  5. Have you helped your clients understand the levels of enquiry, time on market, and marketing alternatives that will help them improve levels of enquiry?
  6. Have you spoken to your prospects and clients regards their current and future property needs where you can help in a timely way?
  7. Have you revamped your advertising copy or loaded a fresh set of promotional photographs into the online advertising portals?
  8. Have you checked the listing and website hits relating to all the exclusive online listings?
  9. Can you change the keywords and the advertising copy to make the property listing more interesting and attractive?
  10. Have you considered the other listings in the local area that may be competing with your quality properties? How can you make your property stand out as unique and special?


Sometimes we forget about these simple and yet important issues. When we get busy with can overlook the critical questions and strategies that produce results. Understand these 10 points mentioned above and revisit all of your listings and current client activities. Refresh your promotional strategies and advise your clients as to how they can improve or move through their property challenge.


The commercial real estate market does not need to be overly complicated but it does require constant focus. That focus should be for your top clients and your quality listings. Monitor the levels of activity and promotion with every quality listing.


Make changes to your marketing efforts and campaign strategies on a fortnightly basis. In saying that, the specific strategies require exclusivity so that you can commit the time to the process. If the client really does want to sell or lease their property, they need to give you the exclusivity for a reasonable period of time.  Walk away from clients and prospects that will not give you that commitment.

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