Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why You Should Push and Promote Your Exclusive Listings

When you have gone to all the effort of winning an exclusive listing, it directly follows that the property should be comprehensively canvassed and promoted to the right target audience locally or regionally. That is why you have exclusive listing strategies. That is why you should demand exclusivity as part of offering your professional services. If you work with exclusive listings, your deal rate will be greater and commissions more controllable.


If the client wants to get a result in a timely way when it comes to any sales and leasing requirement, and exclusivity is really the only way to seriously deal with the issue. Pitch and present your services accordingly professional way. Your commitment to the task for the client should stand out as real and relevant in today’s property market. Get personally involved with every listing that you promote.

Lift Your Listing Enquiry Rates

Here are some ideas to help you work with your exclusive listings to lift your enquiry rates and conversions:

  1. Planning: The central marketing message should be considered and planned. Understand the property for what it is and where it has been. There may be a story relevant to the local area that will be of use when it comes to property promotion. If the property has a history of use or occupancy, or it is positioned on a busy road or a corner of prominence, it is likely that many people will know of the property and be interested in the marketing campaign. Use that factor of prominence as you design the campaign and establish the central promotional message. If the property has a message or story that can be used in the media campaign, create a number of editorials to be used in the print media and in parallel with the paid advertising.
  2. Marketing Funds: Ask for sufficient and adequate marketing funds to spread the promotional message. The client or property owner should pay for the property promotion. It is quite normal for approximately 1% of the potential sale price to be dedicated to the marketing campaign. That money can then be divided across the right media channels and the alternatives of online and off-line promotion. The commercial real estate portals will have elite type listings receiving better placement above others within the same suburb or location. Any exclusive listing should receive that online promotion strategy as a standard approach to improving enquiry. Again I go back to the point that this is vendor paid marketing and it will need to be paid for by the client. Any high quality property demands maximum effort and creative marketing. It is up to the agent to help the client understand how to spread the right message about the property listing. Refine your listing pitch and presentation strategies so that you have those issues covered specifically in every sales pitch or marketing effort.
  3. Signage: As part of the campaign release, ensure that you have a large and prominent sign erected on the property. The signboard should be placed before the other advertising and marketing is released locally. The signboard should also be non-standard and specifically related to the property itself. Include a photograph, reference to further website detail, dot points relating to the strengths the property, and a call to action for any person needing further detail. Make it easy for the person to move to the next step in making direct contact and enquiring. Make it easy for the person to contact you and inspect the property.
  4. Marketing Theme: The campaign theme should be decided with the client prior to the campaign commencement, and include a specific headline dedicated to the property strengths. The property strengths should be displayed as a series of dot points or features. Those feature points should be included in all advertising copy consistently and directly, and thereby spreading the same central message. Don’t confuse your marketing campaigns with variable messages.
  5. Property Features: Understand exactly what the features of the property are, and design three or four advertisements incorporating those property features in a consistent way. You can then place those separate advertisements in the different Internet portals, printed media, and brochure distribution.
  6. Local and Personal Focus: Every exclusive listing should be directly marketed in the local area through personal contact. That will involve door knocking local businesses and the property owners. It will also involve around 200 telephone calls to people in the local area. You can also directly market any exclusive listing within your database through a series of other telephone calls and personal contact.


When you really understand and respect this process of exclusivity and subsequent property promotion, it is easy to see why a client would be foolish not to choose this method of sale or lease. If a client is serious about resolving their property challenge, they need exclusivity to move to the next step in a timely and efficient way.


Refine and improve your strategies and listing pitch and property presentation so the client has all of the information to make the right choice in agency and marketing. Exclusivity is the priority for both the agent and the client. Any non-exclusive listing is a waste of time for both parties.

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