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Commercial Real Estate Broker – Compounding Your Marketing Processes is Essential to Success

If you want to lift your market share as a commercial real estate agent, compound your marketing efforts directly and effectively around exclusive listings and quality properties. 

Then make it a target to improve the volume of vendor paid marketing funds that you are converting and placing each month into the media.  Exclusive listings and vendor paid marketing funds go very well together.

The best real estate agents today will on average convert a higher amount of vendor paid marketing funds as part of the listing process.  To do that they professionally sell the marketing packages and they are strategically different when it comes to any marketing campaign.  They can show the value for money when it comes to spending the promotional dollar.

Your Client and Listing Pipeline?

So let’s keep things really simple.  Focus on creating a pipeline of exclusive listings incorporating vendor paid marketing funds.  Each month improve the levels of vendor paid marketing that you are converting with every listing.  Soon you will see your market share take a step upward into a better property type and client base.

From this simple strategy, a number of important things happen.  Consider these for starters:

  1. If you are focusing on a specialized property type, the marketing strategy will send that message clearly to the tenants and buyers looking to take action.  That will in itself increase your levels of inquiry.
  2. The number of signboards that you have in the local area placed on quality listings will improve your profile as a top agent.  The signboard remains the most effective and direct way to spread the message regards any new listing locally.
  3. Other property owners and property investors through the local area will see that you are specializing in a particular location or property type.  That helps you lift your profile as an industry specialist.
  4. You can load another name or business identity into your database from every inquiry you attract or create.  A simple name with the appropriate contact information today can be a lead or an opportunity into the future.  Connecting with the right people in a consistent and relevant way will help you achieve greater levels of conversion at the right time in the future.  Your database should become the central factor of your real estate business.  Everything should evolve around it.
  5. There are many different ways to market a property today; the same can be said for promoting yourself individually.  Look at the variables of social media, Internet promotions, editorials, brochures, and direct marketing.  How many of these marketing tools are you using effectively online and directly today?  Every agent should have a comprehensive marketing process that they apply to their personal profile.  Use all the available promotional strategies personally with particular focus on the Internet and also the direct approach to clients and prospects.  Help them remember you at the right time when it comes to their property sales or leasing decisions.

Taking all of these things in balance, you will soon see that a top agent is usually an excellent marketer when it comes to properties, and then they use in each quality listing as part of a professional personal promotion across their territory.  When they list, sell, or lease any property locally they spread the word to the appropriate people in an effective and direct way; personal contact remains a critical part of their business today.

Make every property work for you when it comes to promotion.  One good listing will help you when it comes to talking to many others locally, and over time that can help you lift your personal profile for the property type and the location.

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