Commercial Real Estate Broker – Sales Activities for Your Spare Time

In commercial real estate you get times of day where things are a bit slower or you have some spare time.  Whilst it is nice to have a ‘short break’ from routine, the fact is we can do some productive things.

In commercial real estate brokerage, we all have a working day that consists of about 10 to 12 hours of effective time.  If you work in sales or a commission related career, that working time frame is typical; you could even say that time ‘on the job’ is a valuable commodity for sales people and to put in less than 10 hours per day is not the norm by any means.

Here is a typical day plan for a top agent:


  • 0700 – 0800 Get to the office early to plan activities, do paperwork, and prepare for calls
  • 0800 – 1030 Make cold calls to new people and those in the database
  • 1100 – 0100  Checking emails and responding to business issues
  • 0130 – 0500 Property inspections, Meetings, Client contact, Negotiations
  • 0500 – 0600  Back in office or online dealing with emails, telephone calls, client contact, and database entry
  • 0700 – 0830 Returning telephone calls missed earlier in the day


This is a busy day, but it is meant to be a simple day; yes, there will be times where other things have to be done, however 75% of the day should be managed to a plan like this.  When you get to do the right things every day, business starts to evolve.

In an  average day like this you will get some spare time, and that is where some extra things can be done to help your marketing and market share. Here is a check list of ‘good things’ to do when spare time exists:


  1. Call 5 new people that you have not spoken to before
  2. Call 5 existing clients or  prospects that you know and can get business from
  3. Send out your business card with a brochure of listing detail to people in your database
  4. Refresh a listing price or rent
  5. Rewrite advertising copy
  6. Talk to your clients about a price reduction
  7. Write an editorial for the local newspaper
  8. Write a blog or article about the local property market and load it to your social media
  9. Door knock a few local businesses
  10. Role play or practice your negotiation and prospecting skills with others in your team


So you can see that there are plenty of things to do in your spare time if you are a commercial real estate agent.  Plan your day and then stick to the plan as much as possible.  Good habits create good results and that is where you will find the listings and the clients to serve.

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