Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – A Scary Fact About Cold Call Prospecting

If you are working in commercial real estate today, you will (or should) know the importance of making calls to new prospects in your town or city.  The telephone is in fact your ‘friend’ when it comes to attracting new business, and converting more property leads and opportunities.

When you work as a real estate agent or broker, you can do things the ‘fast way’ or you can struggle like lots of other ordinary ‘players’ in the industry.  If you don’t sort out your prospecting efforts quickly and directly, the lack of commission or slow listing flow can be a big drain on operational funds.  Commit to the commercial real estate process; take action and get things under control.  Focus on building your client base through direct prospecting and cold calling.

What’s Scary?

One of the scariest facts about cold calling is that most real estate agents stop the process within the first week of attempting to get the telephone prospecting process underway.  So why did they stop?  One or more of the following reasons for stopping the calls will usually be used as excuses:

  • Not enough time to make the calls
  • Current listings take up any spare time
  • Other agents say that calls don’t work
  • Call reluctance
  • Lack of organisation
  • Don’t know what to say

And so the list goes on.  You have nothing to lose when you make outbound prospecting cold calls, and a great amount of potential opportunity to gain.  The thing that differentiates the top agents in the property market from everyone else will be a prospecting process of one type or another.

Growth Models?

Cold call prospecting fits very well into the growth model for most agents.  As a process of prospecting, it’s quite time effective, fast, and simple.  Can you master the skills required to get the momentum and actions underway?  Can you make 40 to 50 outbound calls per day?  Have you organised your diary to get your new business activities firmly entrenched as a daily activity?

Here’s one fact to help you get this new business activity underway:

‘When you make outbound calls, do so only on the basis of seeking information to see if the person has a potential need for property help’.

This is a special shift of mindset, and when fully achieved it will help you greatly in establishing a cold call prospecting program.  Yes, you will talk to a lot of people, and some of those will not have a current need; if they don’t need your help today you thank them for talking with you and you move on to the next person to call.  Track your call progress in your database and just keep making the calls.  Simple isn’t it?

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