Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Generate More Sales from Local Area Marketing

Every successful sales outcome in commercial real estate today can be turned into and used as a marketing opportunity to attract more listings over time. When you sell something successfully, tell the market about it. When you list to something locally, again, you should take the time to tell the property market about it. When you have a story to tell, get the message out.

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Most of the people that we want to work with are locally based and they always want to know what is going on when it comes to listings, sales, rentals and developments. You are the best person to share that information. In saying that, the packaging of the information is critical; don’t do the standard things that everyone else is doing.

Its all about your profile

Be personally creative and relevant to a local area and a property type. Catch the attention of the market and the people with your ideas, articles, content, marketing and listings. It’s not hard to do.

Local promotional activity creates local interest. It is an interesting fact to understand and work with. All of your listings and all of your successful transactions can be factors of leverage when talking to new people locally. Spread the message comprehensively.

Be comprehensively creative

Here is a list of ideas to help you spread your real estate message:

  1. Auctions – A timed property campaign like that of an auction will always create interest. As you take the enquiry and as you show people the property, provide high value local property market information.
  2. Adjoining owners and business leaders – When you have a listing in a street or precinct to promote, make sure that you touch base with the nearby people and businesses. In doing that you are showing the people in the property market that you really are a professional in promoting properties.
  3. Exclusive listings – When you have an exclusive listing you can devote the time to the campaign and comprehensively so. Spend more time with your exclusive listings locally.
  4. Marketing campaigns – All of your campaigns should be target marketed and not just another ‘advert online’. How can you make your campaigns special?
  5. Brochure drops – From an exclusive listing campaign you can drop listings locally. You can do the same with a flyer of local listings. Get the brochures and the flyers out.
  6. Letter drops – Simple one page letters about local listings are always a great way to complement your property services marketing. In saying that, you must follow up the letters that you send out.
  7. Blogging online – If you are reasonably skilled in writing and photography, you can easily put together a blog about property issues in your location. Writing 2 or 3 articles per week is not hard, and there are plenty of things locally to talk about and write about; don’t just write about your listings, but expand on topics and trends of the local property industry and inquiry.
  8. Advertising layouts – You can learn a lot about real estate marketing from reading a few books and looking at the best examples of quality listings promoted online. You will soon see the difference between ordinary and special properties; you will also see the difference between ordinary agents and skilled agents in their property promotions.

So there are some good things to do here locally when you lift your promotional focus locally. Examine everything that you do from a real estate perspective, and then improve those things.

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