Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Help the Client See and Use Your Valuable Services

When it comes to pitching and presenting your real estate services to a new client, you have to tap into the real value that your services provide to the property, the clients investment situation, and any challenges that they may have.  Look for the issues that need to be resolved, and show the client exactly how you would approach the process professionally and directly.

When you analyse any property presentation, you will see large differences that apply across the competing brokerages given the facts and the ideas evolving from the property market.  Many brokerages will have different ideas and recommendations to make in attracting the interest and the commitment of the client.  Your ideas and your recommendations need to be the best and highly relevant and specific to the client situation.  When you understand the client and the property, you have a better chance of converting the listing.

Property Presentation Facts

Typically, a good property presentation will be structured around the following facts and ideas:

  • Market conditions – The prevailing market conditions should be comprehensively assessed so that they can be quoted and referred to in the proposal document. Check out all of the competing properties locally so that you can show the client exactly how their property is positioned in comparison to others.  The comparison should cover price, improvements, marketing strategy, time on market, and the targeted tenant or buyer as the case may be.  From the comparison, certain strategies can be made and related back to the specific target audience that you are trying to attract.
  • Marketing initiatives – There are many marketing alternatives and initiatives to be used when it comes to property promotion today. Look at the combination of marketing to be applied to the listing and provide the client with three alternatives both in media choices and pricing.  Many clients prefer to have a few decisions to consider when it comes to property marketing and thereby brokerage choice.  The best proposals presented to clients will have specific market observations and a few marketing choices for the client to consider in this way.
  • Price and or rental – Many clients are biased towards the end result that they believe can or should be achieved in a timely way. They want to know that they can attract the best price or rental in the property market given the prevailing market conditions; you will need to talk about the prevailing market conditions and how they will impact the property listing in today’s terms.  It is your job to show the client how you are the best agent to achieve a positive result, and show them the marketing stages and strategies that you believe should apply to the promotional process, the inspections, and the negotiation.

The message here is that you can really drill down into the facts and the issues surrounding any commercial property listing and promotional activity.  You can show the client that you are the best agent for the job in today’s property market, providing you do the research and understand the listing in a comprehensive way.

Resolve Their Property Challenges

Show the prospective client the value and professional services that you bring to the promotional process, and how you will be resolving the property challenge in a specific and timely way.  Be specific and direct when it comes to marketing initiatives and attracting the target audience.

There are reasons behind the clients need to sell or lease their asset.  Delve into those reasons and ask plenty of questions.  Identify the reasons and then drill down into the solutions that you would provide differently and directly when compared to your competing agents.

Your solutions should be quite specific and direct in today’s market terms.  Show the client that you are a valuable addition to their property and its marketing requirement.  That’s what top agents do all the time.

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