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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Its an Information Universe Up for Grabs So Use It

In commercial real estate brokerage today it is an ‘information universe’.  There are plenty of things to use and watch for that all lead to property opportunities, be it in sales, leasing, or property management.  Don’t struggle in the property market anymore.  Start digging for opportunities in the lists and resources that are readily available to all.

I see so many brokers and agents struggle to grow their database and client list; over time that struggle will generally lead to listing and commission frustrations.  Things are not that hard for us.  Are you ready to find some market opportunity?

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Tap Into This Local Information

Here are a few valuable ideas to help when it comes to gathering relevant property and client information:

  1. Property ownership records – Get access to local property title and ownership records. Understand who owns the quality properties in your location.
  2. Tenants – Talk to local tenants about the premises they are located in and just who the landlord for the property may be.
  3. Business owners – Concentrate on business groups and choose those groups that are successful in local commerce. It is not too hard to ask questions about just who the business owner may be and how you can contact them.
  4. Company websites – By surfing the internet you can get plenty of information about different businesses in your location. You can understand just what they do and how to contact them.
  5. Social media groups – It is a known fact that certain social media groups are targeted by many business people for one main reason and that is to get the names and titles of other people to talk to.
  6. Old sales records and property developments – You can research the people involved in property sales and leasing activity over recent years. It is very common for a person to re-enter the property market when the time is right.  Find out what happened with previous sales and leasing activity; approach those people for upcoming property needs.
  7. Neighboring property owners – When you list any property, approach the adjoining owners and business occupants to understand what they are doing and if they have an interest in your listing. Soon you will be able to piece together a history of the area and trends of property ownership and change.
  8. Referrals – One business transaction generally leads to another. By talking to people you will gather plenty of leads and referrals that can be converted to new property opportunities.

When you delve into the information around you, there are plenty of new business leads and client relationships to be nurtured in commercial real estate brokerage.

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