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When you are pitching for a listing, be it in commercial property sales or leasing, there are many things to cover-off and talk about with the client.  At the top of the list will be the client’s property and their immediate challenge.  There are things that you must know as part of that process.  (NB – you can get more commercial real estate proposal and presentation ideas in our Snapshot program right here – its free)


Key Property Report Concepts


A high quality commercial real estate proposal will take into account important things such as:

  • Local area property inquiry
  • Recent sales or leases
  • Leading questions for the client to consider
  • Buyer or tenant motivation
  • Target market positioning
  • Elasticity or demand for property locally

In saying all of that, the proposal or presentation document will and should be drafted specific to the client and the asset.  In this special report on ‘High Quality Property Presentations’ by John Highman, ideas and questions are raised to help you tap into both the layout and key elements of a high quality proposal document that is aligned to your property market and the clients situation.

Important Facts to Review


A high quality property presentation will always tap into the clients requirements, the local property market elements, and the sale or lease situation.  Research and questioning is required to achieve that deep awareness.  That report or presentation should be carefully considered and constructed by the Broker or Agent, so a planned approach will always work over a ‘standard’ report format.

Have you looked at your reports and presentations deeply and specifically? 

Analyze your current reports and proposals from the perspective of a client and their property.  The report is about them, not you and your business.

It is remarkable just how many ‘ordinary’ or ‘generic’ property presentations are used today.  They then fail to engage the attention of the client, and ultimately convert listings poorly.

Here below is the special report on commercial real estate listing presentations.

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Special report on High Quality Property Presentations in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.