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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Report – How to Get More Appointments

In commercial real estate, there are plenty of people to know and connect with over time.  Getting appointments with people is fundamental to business generation.  The message here is that you have to get in front of people regularly and consistently in your town or city.

To get a reasonable amount of traction in the industry, these two questions must have answers from YOUR perspective:

  • Why should people take your call?
  • Why should they listen to you?

There is a professional way to do things here, in that you don’t want to be seen as an ‘irritation’.  The way that you go about things with prospecting for clients, and communicating with new people really does matter.

If you are a relevant source of local property information, and you are professional about how you connect with people, the leads and the listings should come your way.

Here is a commercial broker prospecting report to help you:

mans hand lifting telephone receiver
How to create more appointments in commercial real estate.




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