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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Secrets – The Four Substantial Benefits of Exclusive Listings

Exclusive listings on average will bring better results for property clients in a faster and more direct way.  The agent has something to focus on and the client knows that they are getting a better level of service as they seek a solution to a sale or lease situation.  Exclusivity is a very important part of property marketing today.  Our clients need help in understanding that.

So why is this so?  The simple reason for that improved result is an exclusively listed property will be worked on by the broker or agent in a comprehensive way directly to the target audience of buyers or tenants as the case may be.  By direct contrast, an open listing will only be marketed and quoted by any agent if a clear match is possible with any property inquiry.

Control Your Listing Stock

It stands to reason that an agent will only spend substantial time on a listed property if they can control the property marketing, the enquiry, and the inspection processes.  Time is a precious commodity in any sales related career; commercial real estate is no exception.

Part of any listing pitch or presentation should include the benefits and strategies behind exclusivity.  The client must be fully briefed on what extra focus and services come with that type of listing.  If the client is serious about seeking a sale or lease then it should not be hard for them to see exactly how the listing process will benefit them.

Win More Listings 4 Ways

To help win more exclusive listings build these factors into your listing pitch:

  1. Direct Marketing – When you have this type of listing locked in for a good period of time, you have the fullest opportunity of taking the property directly to other property owners and businesses in the local area. That means door knocking, direct mail, and direct telephone calls.  Establish your marketing plan accordingly.  Help the client see how all of this can work for them.
  2. Qualifying inbound inquiries – Give that you are the controlling agent, all inbound inquiries can be fully qualified and questioned before any inspection occurs. From that process every inspection can be carefully matched to the situation of the property and the buyer or tenant.
  3. Establishing a specific Inspection process – You can decide exactly how you will show the property as part of any inspection process. When it comes to any complex property with multiple tenants and extensive improvements, the inspection strategy that you specifically create will help in converting offers and attracting more interest.
  4. Controlling the negotiation – One agent or broker can control a negotiation directly and effectively. There are normally no complications of other agents and interested parties pitching across the deal and trying to destabilize the negotiation.

These four factors are solid reasons for any client to select exclusivity in the listing process.  Pitch your services accordingly. Help the client understand the benefits of exclusivity in any property listing process. Show them the differences that have applied in other marketing campaigns with openly listed properties versus your exclusive listings. It should be relatively easy to show them the time on market that applies in each circumstance.

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