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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why You Should Never Blend In

In commercial real estate brokerage there is no point in ‘blending in’ to the property market and the industry.  Ordinary agents with little profile always struggle to be seen and or remembered; that has a direct impact on listing and commission conversions.

It’s a busy industry.  The prolific real estate competition in most towns or cities will always be active, and most listings will only go to the relevant and skillful agents and brokers that the clients know or remember at the right time.

Ordinary agents always find it hard to attract volumes of listings and they are not ‘memorable’ for the right reasons with the right people.

What are the issues?

So I go back to the point that you should not ‘blend in’ to your real estate market place.  Consider these questions:

  • Why would someone remember you now when it comes to real estate help and coverage?
  • What can you do that is unique and special locally in solving a property problem?
  • How can you stay in regular contact professionally with the people that you know and the new people that you are starting to connect with?

Here are some ideas to help you with this concept in your local property market place.  Understand your location for what it is, and look at the property opportunities that exist in these categories:

  1. Quality listings – A good quality listing will always attract more inquiry. When you look at your current listings, how do they rank on the ‘quality’ scale?  If you are not attracting the quality listings, then you should modify your prospecting and client contact processes.  The best listings only go to the best agents.  How can you ‘stand out’ as the agent that people need?
  2. Have some stories to tell – When you are engaging with a new client or prospect to help them with property matters, have a few ‘success stories’ that you can draw on as part of the connection. It always helps when you show new people that you have provided good quality local property solutions and solved a few problems.
  3. Have relevant marketing material at your fingertips – Within your property specialty, carry a good selection of marketing and display material that you can use immediately with any property presentation, discussion, or listing pitch. You can have that material in hard copy form and also in ‘cloud’ storage.  Organize the marketing material so you can use it confidently and directly.  Practice how you do that.

Through all of this you can see why the prepared agent or broker will usually attract the local new business regularly and directly.  Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you; prepare yourself from a base of confidence and relevance.  Take your story to the market place and the people that really do need you.  Find them before the other agents and brokers do.

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