Commercial Real Estate Brokerage with the Human Touch

When salespeople are struggling in commercial real estate brokerage it usually comes down to one thing and that is that they do not know enough relevant property people locally in a positive and valuable way.  It is important that we put the ‘human touch’ into our real estate business.

Most of the new business that we create as agents and brokers will come from the people that we know and have nurtured relationships with over months and years.  A prospecting and client contact model is required to make things work.

The Human Connection

Let’s put some more ‘human relevance’ into your property marketing and database activities:

  1. Door knocking locally – Get out into your property market and keep door knocking local businesses in a logical and street by street process. Always leave behind your business card as part of that process.  Your business card is the only marketing tool that you need when you are prospecting.
  2. Plenty of telephone calls – The telephone is perhaps the most convenient business tool that you have. You can integrate your telephone processes so you can track and channel inbound telephone contacts, leads, and business opportunities directly to you, and then when you are not available direct your calls to a ‘virtual assistant’ who is briefed to the requirements of property inquiry and client communications.
  3. Plenty of Meetings (informal and formal) – The ‘face to face’ process in our industry is very important. Trust and relevance grows from ongoing ‘face to face’ contact, and you will need a meeting strategy to achieve that.  Understand that you really must connect with more people and do so in a professional way.
  4. Personalized emails – When you send emails to your clients and prospects, provide attachments that add value to the communication. You can provide a market update in pdf, chart, or statistical format.  Be relevant and different with the information that you send out.
  5. Specialize in a zone, property type, and group of people – When you split up your zone into categories geographically you will see segments of people to connect with. That will make your prospecting a lot easier.
  6. Ease of communication – Help people connect with you 24/7. You can integrate email, cell phone, and sms contact processes so that responses happen quickly when people want to talk to you.  You can add an extra layer of support using virtual assistants in your call monitoring or channeling process.

Put the ‘human touch’ back into your commercial real estate business. That will help you greatly with new business lead generation and client contact.

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