Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Achieve Top Rankings with Brand Awareness

A real estate broker that overlooks the importance of branding in their marketing will have difficulties in attracting and keeping both clients and new business.  The brokerage brand supports the marketing process; that being said the brand itself comes in across a number of levels of client and customer interaction.  You are also part of that brand; perhaps the biggest part!

So you want to build your real estate business this year with better listings and more clients.  Understand how local property people perceive your brand now in your location.  Do they know where you are located and how to contact you?  Can they relate to your signboard colours and business name?  More importantly do they know about you and your property specialization?

Image is Everything

It’s time to lift your image locally so that people remember you at the right time in their property cycle; that is when property becomes a critical issue for them.  Comprehensively market yourself and your listings using your real estate brand in a number of special ways.  Here are some simple and effective ideas to help you do exactly that:

  1. Signboards – The quality and number of signs that you place into your property location will help you attract listings. Local area marketing is fundamentally based around the visual aspect of your business.    Your signboard and its colours, logo, contact information, and size have a lot to do with that.
  2. Quality Listings – People have to see you and your brokerage in a number of different ways. Every quality listing should have a signboard erected as soon as possible.  Do a signboard count on a monthly basis through your listing territory so you know how your brand image from signboards compares to that of your competitors.  Differentiate between ordinary ‘open’ listings, and ‘exclusive’ listings.  Also rate your listings as to quality; high end property listings create better levels of enquiry.
  3. Your Business Card – In this day and age where technology has taken over a large slice of the marketing process, the traditional business card still holds a strong position in marketing leverage. The business card is cheap and effective; it is likely to be retained by the people that you give it to.  Make sure that your business card ‘ticks all the boxes’ when it comes to size, quality paper stock, colour, and information.  Don’t make your card too complex; the simplest of cards on plain white paper stock give a very professional image.
  4. Listings are Leverage Opportunity – When you have a new local property listing to sell or lease, you have plenty of reasons to talk to local property owners and business leaders. Use all your listings in that way.  When a property listing comes onto the market, get out into the location and talk to the ‘locals’ to see if they have heard about your property up for sale or lease; more importantly ask them about their property situation and intentions.

These are some of the simplest marketing ideas for commercial real estate promotion today.  Put yourself into the process of reaching out to new people in your location.  New property listings are there to be found.

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