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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Shatter the Competition with an Impetus on Sales

The sales segment of the commercial brokerage industry is very rewarding for those who can establish themselves with a dominant market share and relevance as a local agent.  That being said, the competition is typically fierce in many ways.

Competitive Complications

Usually you will find complications like these below in the property market with competing (and sometimes desperate) agents:

  • Commission discounting
  • Claims about false offers and or prospects to inspect
  • Free marketing to attract the client
  • Sign jumping to take away your listing
  • Over pricing to influence the listing
  • Sign vandalism or removal

So these things are not unusual, they are unprofessional, and are commonly the signs of desperate agents.  You are better than this ‘stuff’.  You must be is the best brokerage alternative and market yourself around that fact.

What you have to do here is work around the problems of the ‘competition’ and establish yourself professionally as a top agent in sales.  Are you ready?

Smart Clients are Good Clients

The clients that we work with are usually smart, direct, and selective.  They know when they are being exposed to average and poor agent performance.  They don’t want to waste time with an agent that has no market share or professional skill.  They will make their choices based on the best agent for the job.  Is that you?

Consistent professionalism will always help you win in the long term over the ‘desperate’ agents that are your local competition.  Don’t let your personal marketing process get diverted with this problem.  Focus your marketing and listing efforts into professionalism and market coverage.

So you should set some rules here that can take you to the top of your market.  Here are some client based ideas that apply to ‘commercial sales’:

  1. Compound your relationships – Help your clients not just with sales, but with issues and property challenges for the long term. Be aware of the leasing, property management, and performance issues that they will need help with as they seek investment growth.
  2. Remove complications from the challenge – Any property challenge can be broken down into simple facts and staged actions. Help the client see how you can simplify their property challenge to a time frame and a series of actions.
  3. Offer alternatives and compromises – Many of the clients that we work with like to make choices as part of getting to the final decision of moving on a marketing and listing decision. Give them a few solid recommendations and choices that can clearly give them the marketing edge and the pricing resolution they are targeting.
  4. Show them the ‘road to completion’ – A property marketing process can be complex and frustrating. You can give the client plenty of incentive to move ahead with some logical market facts that are simply displayed.  Show them how you can do it for them (don’t just talk about it).

Logic will help you with any client situation.  Put the client centrally into your property recommendations in commercial real estate sales.  They will listen and they can convert to your recommendations. 

You can be the professional agent or broker to implement the property ‘masterplan’ for your clients; help them see that fact with your solid professional facts and recommendations.

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