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A listing presentation in commercial real estate is the make or break point for winning new business.  Many times you will be up against other agents in one form or another.  They will all be producing ideas and strategies in one form or another to list and market the property.

Think about these questions:

  • How effective are your presentations in selling the key messages about your services for a property?
  • What makes you stand out as a highly qualified and relevant agent for the task?
  • How can you make your solutions special for the client?

There are far too many generic presentations every day in the industry.  Top agents know how to capture the interest of the client and then convert it to a listing on an exclusive basis.  That is why they win a greater share of the listings that are available.

The client will choose a real estate agent based on largely on relevant skills and market share.  Relationships have something to do with that initial introduction, however a client will not choose an agent based only on an established ‘relationship’; the confidence in the agent has to be there.

The client will make the best choices to solve their property problem.  It directly stands to reason that if you focus on those points in your presentation, the client will listen.  It is then just a matter of being the best ‘marketing and skills’ choice available.

Here are some ideas to help you build a ‘listing blueprint’:

  1. Don’t pitch or present on a property without a total review of the property, the location, the client’s needs, and the prevailing market conditions.
  2. Inspect the property with the client.  The strategy helps in connecting with the client and showing them your real relevance for the listing.
  3. Put some questions in the mind of the client that your competitors may find hard to deal with in any competitive listing pitch.
  4. Use visual material in your presentation to help the client see the ways of proceeding.  Use a Gantt chart for that process.  You can itemise the various stages of the transaction and set the order of events to occur.
  5. Provide marketing alternatives that are not ‘generic’.  Be quite specific on how you are going to reach the target market and have the client agree with your selection of target market.
  6. Put yourself in the promotional process.  If the client is to give you an ‘exclusive listing’, the work required on your part is extensive.  Tell the client exactly what you will do at a personal level to tap into the qualified prospects and how you will encourage inspections with the right people.
  7. Track and measure everything that you do.  You can use numbers and results from other campaigns as your leverage in creating a strategy of marketing for the new listing.

From these facts you can build a highly effective listing strategy.  Relevant connections with the client are a big issue.

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