Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Opinions Dont Matter but Results Do

In commercial real estate brokerage success, the opinions of others including those in your team or competitors in the market place really don’t matter.  Results in our industry come from what you do each day and what you think of yourself in the process.  The self-esteem concept is important.  Your clients and prospects will soon know if you are hardworking and diligent in the specialised services you provide.

You could say that doing the right things every day will help you build your confidence in market activity and business opportunity; confidence then leads to the correct actions and better conversions.  If you are a specialist in sales, leasing or property management, spread the word through direct prospect and client contact.

Provide some special services that help you stand out as unique and relevant.  Try some of these:

In these days of social media, the younger or newer members of our industry take and give too much relevance to the ‘social media’ channels.  The reality of every commercial real estate market is that the best results and ongoing client connections are built from traditional ‘face to face’ contact.  Nothing else will take priority over getting in front of a client.

It takes time to build the rapport with a client and ‘social media’ will not do that.  So let’s go back to the need to get in front of a client.  Consider these questions:

  • How many new people did you connect with yesterday?  The same question should be asked of for the entire last week.  On a daily basis make it a target to connect with at least 2 new people.  Yes, I know that requirement takes huge discipline and focus, but that’s how you win new business.
  • What can you easily provide to prospects and clients that will help them with property decisions and directions?  Create some valuable contact and meeting tools that clients will keep and review.  A market update handout is a good thing.
  • How clean and up to date is your database?  Are you talking to the people in your list regularly so meetings are frequently happening?

Success in our industry is not a popularity contest, but rather a personal commitment to yourself to do the most you can in contacting, and helping your clients and prospects.  Sharpen your personal performance plan.  

When you win a listing it is the start of the matter and not the end of personal endeavour.  Any new client that has listed with you ‘exclusively’ should receive top quality service and absolute personal action to push their property to the target tenants or buyers as the case may be.  Establish your real estate goals and targets around that.

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