Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Priorities and Rules You Must Stick To

Like it or not, our time in commercial real estate brokerage is pressured in so many ways.  Inbound calls, clients, listings, and team issues evolve every day.

If you choose to do the wrong things with your ‘time’ you will be impacting your ability to earn money, commissions and marketing dollars.

Everything hinges on just how you use your time. ūüôā

For my Friends in ‘Snapshot’

Here is a chart below for my friends in the ‘Snapshot’ community. ¬†If you are not part of¬†that group you can get into¬†it here.

The Industry Averages

We can plan our days with great precision and all good intentions, but other things will always reach into those working days no matter what safeguards are set.

The buffer to stop the problem sits¬†simply in our¬†ability to say ‘no’ to issues that are unimportant……. and then our choice to shift that low priority stuff to other days and or other times. ¬† Yes, I know that you can’t do that with everything in commercial brokerage, but most things can be shaped by your choices and actions. ūüôā

Top Agent?

If you are a ‘top agent’ then you will have reached that status locally first and foremost through your choices of how you use your time. ¬†The industry is not complex, but it is impacted greatly by personal focus and actions. ¬†Time use is part of that.

You are not alone!!   I was considering this challenge myself recently when things got really busy, and I decided to chart it out to see what was really important and urgent, versus everything else.  Here is the chart and my notes for download.  Grab a coffee and have a read.  Perhaps my time and task ideas can help you position yourself for better conversions?

time management chart
Understand how you can use your brokerage time efficiently.


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