Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Putting Originality into Marketing

When it comes to marketing and leasing any commercial property investment, you can undertake plenty of preparation when it comes to formulating the correct property promotion and advertising content.

Understand your target market, the property, the client, and the prevailing market conditions.  Frame your property advertising accordingly to attract the best levels of enquiry and boost your chances of creating onsite inspections.

The first few weeks of any commercial property promotion are the most important.  Within that short period of time you really do need to attract the enquiry and the interest of potential buyers and or tenants.  Given that there are plenty of other properties on the market in any town or city, your quality listings need to stand out; you only have one opportunity to do that.

What can you do?

You need to become a property marketing specialist to pull in the enquiry so that you can qualify the parties and convert more valuable onsite inspections.

So what can you do in preparation?  You can set about framing and shaping the correct property message and the appropriate factors of attraction to pull in the enquiry.  That is where advertising originality and creativeness are valuable brokerage skills that really do matter when it comes to your property marketing process.

Look at the properties on the market today on the Internet and in the newspapers.  You will see that certain properties stand out more than others.  You need to replicate the process to improve your conversions and your enquiries.  Set the promotional roles and build your marketing process accordingly.

Promotional Originality

Here are some ideas to help you put some originality into your property marketing process with any property to be promoted under investment sale conditions:

  1. The visual approach – Use plenty of professional photographs within your marketing campaign and across the various types of media to be used. The right angle to the photograph, the correct use of colour and shape, and the appropriate time of day will provide photographic advantages, opportunity and potentially more enquiry.  Use professional photographs wherever possible and certainly with any good quality property listing.  It is well-known fact that the early morning or late afternoon will usually give you plenty of direct sunlight on to the front of the building; understand the direction of the rising sun and the way in which the building is orientated.
  2. Establish a clear and direct message – Review the property for any and all of its advantages and factors of attraction. Establish clear marketing points of difference where you can use keywords appropriate to the targeted group of investors and buyers.  Be quite specific in your marketing process so that the advertisement is constructed around a headline, dot points, and photographic impact.  Pull in the eye of the reader so that they can read further into your dot points, ultimately helping them get to the point of making an enquiry.  Get away from generic statements of property marketing and make all of your high quality exclusive listings stand out in a creative way.
  3. The visual approach – Make all of your property advertisements interesting, attractive, and easily readable. Get away from unnecessary bland marketing messages of an ordinary nature that agents use.  Be specific and be direct when it comes to conveying the story about the property and its opportunity as an investment.  If you need help and ideas when it comes to shaping the advertising copy, use a thesaurus and a dictionary to find the right words that are of a promotional nature and perhaps help you create a phrase or comment you may have normally overlooked.

So it is a fact that you can be quite original in any property marketing process.  Whilst not misrepresenting the property, you can certainly frame your advertising copy creatively, and use the best promotional layout to attract better levels of enquiry.

So where do you go from here?  This is another of those essential skills of professional communication and marketing today; it is incumbent that you understand the strategy and the messages behind professional marketing today as it relates to investment property.

As the specialised commercial real estate broker for your property type and location, seek to improve your skills in property promotion and marketing.  Any high end top quality marketing program will always create more enquiry and business profile for you as the professional real estate broker.  That then leads to more opportunities for listings and client interaction.

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