Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Set Up Your Work-spaces for Better Results

To make things happen as a real estate agent it is best to understand and create the workspaces that can help you with the business communication and results that you need.  Essentially the nature of the business and the people that we meet creates specific workspaces and they are:

  • The office
  • Your car
  • Your computer
  • Your briefcase and marketing folder
  • The cloud (storage and file access)

Your entire real estate business can be driven professionally and directly using these 5 ‘business zones’.  They also support you as you meet with clients and prospects during the day.

Here is an example of how to use the ‘cloud’ as a workspace in commercial real estate brokerage:

  1. Database – There are so many good database programs out there today.  The good ones are cloud based and that helps when it comes to accessing or updating your client and contact records from a number of different devices and locations.  It should also be said that the online storage and access of your database is perhaps a lot safer than keeping your records in the office computer or in your laptop.  If either of those computers are damaged, you can lose all your essential files.
  2. Photographs – Keep your property photographs from all your listings and campaigns in the cloud.  They can be accessed at any time and as good photo examples to talk about when meeting with a client.  Most of your exclusive listings should feature professional photographs and they are certainly worth using as examples when talking to any client.
  3. Presentation documents – Whilst you should have a standard set of ‘listing pitch’ documents with you at all times, some complex checklists and marketing examples could be kept in folders in the cloud for access on your tablet or smartphone.  It is best to turn all presentational documents into pdfs for ease of access remotely.
  4. Client access folders – With most exclusive marketing campaigns it is useful to put all the master files for the campaign and the client in one property folder online.  You could deliberately give some parts of that folder as access to the client.  They can then review their advertising layouts, inspection reports, and photographs.  You can also keep larger client related documentation online for download or access.

Whilst these examples relate to cloud based storage and access for real estate agents, you can do similar things with your other workspaces mentioned above.  Get organised so you can build your business from all five locations.

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