Commercial Real Estate Brokers – The Easy Way to Drive More New Business and Enquiry

In commercial real estate brokerage, the quality of your promotional campaigns with your exclusive listings in sales and leasing can drive a lot more new business and client contact awards you.  The same message and strategy doesn’t apply when it comes to open listings and small or low quality properties.


So you have some choices to make here.  You have some specific actions to implement as a broker or an agent, as part of positioning yourself professionally for the location.  Your focus should be on the exclusive listing process and the best properties.


Who are you?


Are you the best agent of choice, and will people remember you at the right time?  You can get some traction with this through your promotional campaigns and listing strategies.  Avoid the generic approach in your real estate business; understand why you are special and why your clients and prospects should use you.  When you grasp the concept, you can drive significantly more new business.


So here are some ideas to help with this.  Open listings really don’t count when it comes to local area coverage and industry profile; exclusivity is the most important thing that you should strive towards as part of your listing conversion and marketing promotion.  If you want to build your commercial real estate business professionally and directly, then focus on exclusivity and firmly entrench that concept in your listing pitch on that basis.


Preparation is the Key


Be prepared to explain exactly why exclusivity is so important to your clients today with their property, and show them why you are the best agent or broker to market the property on that basis.  Have plenty of examples ready to show the client why exclusivity works more successfully and faster as a marketing process for the client’s property type and location.


There are two rules to remember here:

  • QUALITY: The quality of the listing will create interest from the location within the target audience of buyers or tenants. Work only with good quality listings in prime locations.  Adjust your prospecting model accordingly so you work with the biggest and better properties from the region; low quality properties do nothing for your professional image your brand.  When you attract the right listings from the local area, your real estate business shifts to a new level of opportunity and interaction.  The enquiries that you achieve will be of higher volume and better quality.
  • IMPACT: The impact of the marketing campaign will give you a professional edge when it comes to agent or broker profile. Most of the business that you create will come from the local area.  All of your future clients are located in the area and will usually come from the local business community and or the local property investors.  They will be looking at every listing that comes to market, so it directly follows that a high quality marketing promotion for good quality property will help you build your personal brand as a top agent for the location.


So the message here is that you can and should focus your new business generation processes on the better properties and the better clients.  It does take time to tap into those market segments so your prospecting model should be quite specific and highly driven.


Get involved each and every day with your new business prospecting so that you are talking to the right people professionally and directly.  Other top agents will be doing exactly the same thing, so you will need to stand out as the best agent of choice and provide some reasons for that.


Understand why your clients and prospects should be using your services.  Ensure that your services are specific and real to the local property market.  There is no point in being generic when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage today.  Stand out as the agent of choice and make sure that your marketing strategies at a personal level are positioned accordingly.

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