Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Timelines in Presentations Help Your Listing Presentations

When you are pitching for a sale or lease listing, the timeline of your intended activities will help you convert the client to accept the listing strategy.  There are different ways of doing this, but they are all quite successful strategies in helping moving the listing to exclusivity.

The timeline should be a visible graphical process full of colour and facts.  You can then talk to your methods and ideas quite effectively.

Timeline Methods

Here are my methods with that:

  • A Gantt timeline of tasks (y axis) over a base of time (x axis) will allow you to show many tasks in relation to the time involved.
  • Use the main stages of the listing process to comprehensively cover all things that are really important to getting enquiry results with any property. Those stages are usually listing the property comprehensively, determining the target market, marketing preparation, marketing release, and specific inspection strategies.
  • In any property listing and marketing process you should have at least 15 to 25 stages of reference that you can insert into your graph. That is in both sales and leasing scenarios.  In a property management situation the graphs that you use can be even more complex and lengthy depending on the property complexity.

Why is it that a simple timeline of intended marketing and negotiation processes with a property could help you secure a listing?  The answer is modest yet effective and goes something like this:

‘Most clients have little understanding of specific property strategies that could be employed by an agent to attract more buyers or tenants from the target market.’

The timeline helps you display your ideas and methods in an engaging way.  Most clients simply focus on the fact that they need a good price or rent and they want to achieve that result in a timely way with the best agent.  The Gantt graphing process helps you show the client that you are the best agent for the job at hand and you have a real strategy to get to that point of price or rent satisfaction for the client.

Plenty of Resources

Today we have plenty of resources at hand to make the marketing process special and unique.  If you use your resources comprehensively you can convert more exclusive listings and that is really what our industry is all about.

If all this sounds a bit too difficult, the following basic ideas will help:

  • An excel spreadsheet will allow you to do a Gantt graph.
  • Put a photograph into your graphing process to add more factors of visual attraction.
  • Add a few case studies and testimonials to your presentation to show how your ideas worked with other clients and properties.
  • Pdf everything that you send out or provide to a client so that the integrity of the presentation is locked up and cannot be changed by the client (or any of your competitors that may see the document).

The message here is that you can and should make every client listing presentation different and specific.  In that way it makes your listing conversions a lot easier.

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