Commercial Real Estate Leasing Brokers – The Perfect Cure to Working with Difficult Clients and Landlords

When it comes to commercial real estate leasing and property management, some landlords will be quite difficult from time to time; for whatever reason those landlords may refuse to accept the terms of the market or the deal. As the local property agent, you have the choice as to whether you would serve those landlords into the future; ultimately the decision that you make should be based on professionalism, service, and reasonable commissions.

It is a fact that some clients and some landlords will waste a lot of your time, and the longer term business opportunity will be minimal if you stay with them. If you have a few clients that are like that, it is better to move away from them over time.  In other words, find better clients that are more genuine to the situation and the realities of the property industry today.

So let’s say that you have a good selection of clients to work with when it comes to leasing and property management. Those clients will be challenged when they are under pressure or when the property market shifts.

Top Quality Leasing Services

In providing your services to those clients, make sure that you have all of the following fully covered and are totally committed to top quality service:

  • Understanding when critical dates become an issue within individual leases
  • Know how to improve the market rental strategies for the landlords that you serve
  • Keep well ahead of outgoings recovery and reconciliation requirements given the terms of lease documents and rental repayments
  • Understanding the particular differences that apply to all the leases in the property
  • Watch for the requirements of rent reviews and lease options with sitting tenants
  • Track and measure the changes that apply to market rentals in the location
  • Keeping in close contact with tenants so that you can control and adjust to the business pressures they may be experiencing and that may force any expansion or contraction
  • Watch the other properties in the local area to ensure that they do not pull tenants away from your managed or leased properties
  • Help the client create standard lease strategies to improve property performance and occupation

So there are plenty of things for you to do as the specialised commercial leasing agent and property manager. Importantly it can be seen that control and specialised information will always help you with the control of the client as the landlord of the property.

Most landlord simply require professional service in a timely way. If you work well in advance when it comes to critical dates within all leases, you should be able to maintain a reasonable level of property performance when compared to other properties locally.  Manage the leases and the tenants; that’s what it’s all about.

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