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Commercial Real Estate Leasing Builds Your Agency Faster

It is a fact that commercial real estate leasing will help build a real estate agency fast.  It is a good strategy, and it works every time.  That being said, you need the right people in your team to bring skills to the lease services you offer. 

It is very hard to offer a quality service to property owners if you do not know about market rents, landlord flexibility and lease options, rent reviews, market trends, and tenant enquiry.

If you are new to the industry, or you are establishing your real estate agency in the commercial property segment, it is wise to consider starting from a base of leasing.  Here is why this is the case:

  • The property owners with investment property need help with their vacancies today
  • Property developers will require project leasing assistance when they bring a new project into the market
  • Leasing helps you understand how to package a tenant occupancy for a future sale of the property
  • If you find the right tenant and help a landlord through the leasing challenge, you will open up the door on a future sale or property management appointment.
  • It is easy to find tenants to talk to about property needs and changes for their business.  This is an easy way to go when you need more customers and clients.
  • Property managers require help with finding new tenants to fill upcoming vacancies.
  • Franchise tenants are always on the lookout for quality premises in which they can run a new franchise business.

If you as an agent understand the strategies and alternatives behind a lease document, you can talk to clients from many different angles on sales strategy and property management alternatives.  People need our help.  You have the skills to take to them.

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Slow or fast market

When the property market is under some pressure or challenge, leasing services are always in demand.  Sales may be slow, but it is easy to find tenants and properties that need to be matched and put together in a occupancy arrangement.

The leasing fees may be less than that which you get from a sale; however they are always available when you work the local businesses and landlords that need help.  If you find sales are a bit slow for you, consider focusing on tenants and landlords as part of your prospecting model.  You will soon find some new transactions that can be put together.

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