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In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of things to consider when marketing a property to capture the target audience’s interests.

However, when you focus your marketing efforts on a central message to that target audience, you can attract more inquiry and the opportunity for inspections over time.

In sharing this real estate marketing chart, we can give you plenty of ideas to help you capture the interests of buyers or tenants given the method of sale or lease.

Media Channels and Strategies

Use this marketing checklist chart to ensure you get the message out into the media channels of your choice for the property listing.

man working on marketing chart on computer screen
Making marketing easier in brokerage.

Thinking about your property market today, you will compete against many other agents. Some of those agents will offer incentives and enticements to the client to attract the client’s attention and potentially the listing.

So make your point of difference with that real estate client centred around your marketing efforts, and the promotional story you see is essential to the property’s location and target audience.

Marketing Chart Download Below

real estate marketing chart mindmap by John Highman

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