Commercial Real Estate Marketing Mindmap

Commercial real estate marketing today is quite a special process for agents to undertake.   I have created this chart for you and the team to use.  Get it here as a pdf download.

I like to see agents provide their clients with good marketing ideas that are different and relevant to the property market today.  It really doesn’t matter where you are located today, every property will be a marketing challenge.

Only the very best properties will create good enquiry without much effort; everything else will require inventive ideas and target marketing.  We know the property market and are therefore the best-placed professionals to come up with the right strategy of marketing.

To help with this I have created this mindmap for our members and online community to download.  Follow the link below.  The size of the image is deliberately A3 so you can print off and put on the wall of your office or by the telephone.

Here is the link.

comre marketing
In this chart, John Highman shares some marketing ideas relating to commercial real estate sales and leasing today. Learn how to condition the client and prepare the property for a comprehensive marketing campaign.


Leave your comments here to tell us what you think of the chart.

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