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Commercial Real Estate Marketing – Tailor-made Marketing Solutions for Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage sales and leasing, every listing pitch and presentation should focus on a tailor-made marketing strategy that is specific to the property. Consider how you can utilise specific and different promotional tools to attract the desired target market in new and relevant ways; go deeper into your marketing. (NB – you can get plenty of commercial real estate tips for brokerage right here)


Promotion and negotiation; that is what real estate brokerage is all about. Look at the different ways you can attract interest and inbound enquiry.


Competitive Pressure


There are plenty of competitors in every town or city marketing similar properties at the same time.   Without a ‘specific approach’ to property promotion, you can get lost in the ‘margins’.    Help the client see the importance of your promotional approach to their property challenge and need.  There are some strategies to that.


Any listing that you do decide to work with should be on an exclusive basis, with a dedicated marketing campaign.


Forget about working with open listings; they are typically a waste of time as you cannot control the enquiry, the client, or the negotiation. It is very difficult to build market share when working with open listings.  Refine your listing pitch and client connections so you can win more controlled listings.


Create focus and traction when it comes to quality listings and prime property precincts. Look at the elements of the property in today’s market, and determine the strengths that the property may have with its target audience. When you hone in on specific property factors you can use some powerful marketing tools to create better levels of enquiry.


Target Exclusivity


So, what tools can you use when it comes to an exclusive listing? Remember the focus of a tailor-made marketing approach. Get involved with the property listing at all levels. Here are some ideas to help you:


  1. LOCAL AREA: Take your property listing directly into the local area by connecting with the investors, the business owners, and the developers. Create conversations and connections around your listings with a priority centred on your exclusive listings.
  2. COVERAGE: Distribute the facts about the promoted property through several different advertising channels such as case studies, websites, social media, industry portals, and direct mail. To do this thoroughly, a good degree of research will be required. That is why exclusivity is so important, given the degree of effort and involvement required to spread the message about the property and the listing.
  3. SOCIAL CHANNELS: Include a social media package with every exclusive listing and campaign structure. Use three or four social media channels and include PDF brochures, photographs, recorded audio, and video. Send a solid and direct message about the property through sight, sound, and touch.
  4. CLIENT LIST AND DATABASE: Use your database and client list to shortlist a group of qualified people to inspect the property as soon as possible. Get some feedback from the inspections and then use that feedback to condition the client on current market conditions and expectations from a buyer or tenant perspective.
  5. HISTORY AND STORIES: Consider the history of the property and the location to see if there are any stories that you can build on from an interest perspective. An interesting property will always have a marketing advantage. Look at the history, the building design, the architecture, location and the owners or tenants in occupation over time. Somewhere within those categories of activity there will be a story worth sharing.


The idea here is quite simple. When you have a quality property exclusively listed, you should do more with it from a promotional perspective using a tailor-made marketing approach the taps into the direct location and the target audience.


Build a listing pitch and presentational approach for your clients on that ‘special’ basis. Be relevant and real when it comes to property promotion in today’s market given the level of competing properties and competing brokerages. All your clients should be conditioned accordingly for the best results in a competitive market.

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