Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Call Systems and Getting Results

In commercial real estate agency you need to have some prospecting systems that will hold you to task and allow you to improve your processes each day as an agent.  That is how you build market share and listings.

Success in prospecting grows when you believe in your call contact system.  That is when you know that the system is right for what you are trying to do, and you are seeing results come in.  Conversely if you believe that the call contact system is not bringing you results, then it will likely do that.

Here are some rules to merge into your prospecting model as an agent:

  1. Understand where your prospect is located geographically so you can channel your call and contact efforts.
  2. Know what that client or prospect looks like and how they think; that will help you define needs and pitch when you first make the call.
  3. Why should someone listen to you?  When you make that call to a prospect, what can you say that will attract their interest?  The local area is usually the focus for most property owners, tenants, and business proprietors.
  4. The contact that you make with new people and clients should be on the basis of finding out about them.  They know who you are and what you do so don’t focus on yourself.  Check out about the client’s property situation.
  5. What property pain can you help with?  What ‘pain points’ exist in the local property market today that you can work with and resolve?
  6. Always get to the decision maker before you get to the point of the call.  It may take some research and persistent effort to get you there.
  7. Expect that people will say ‘no’ to your approach and offering in commercial real estate sales and leasing.  That’s just fine and on that basis you simply move on to others that may need property help.  When you look at prospecting in that way, things take on a whole new perspective.  You can also convert more business.
  8. Ongoing contact with the right people will help you lift your conversion ratios of calls to meetings and meetings to listings.  In some cases it takes 3 or 4 contact approaches to the right person to get to the stage of a meeting.  Make those calls every 60 to 90 days and eventually you will get through.
  9. Confidence is a key component to making calls to prospects.  Be prepared to converse and not pitch.  As a first point of contact you must not pitch in commercial real estate. Build trust and get the connection moving to a meeting.

These are simple rules to follow.  Take charge of your prospecting efforts and move ahead in your commercial real estate career.

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