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Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Made Easy Part 1

Real estate prospecting systems are all about personal processes and how an agent or broker works with that system in a consistent way.

Think about your real estate activities and the last few weeks. How are things going for you? Would you like to improve? As a simple idea here to set up your ‘system’, two or three hours out of each day should be devoted to what I refer to as ‘peak prospecting time’.

What is your ‘peak prospecting time’? That regular time frame of a few hours should take a ‘pride of place’ in your diary, and how you approach your working day and week.

Check out the ‘Real Estate Prospecting Video Part 1’ below.

Peak Prospecting Time

The ‘peak prospecting time’ of a few hours per day is the period that you can commit to growing your agency’s business, as well as increasing your real estate market share. Eventually that devotion to time leads to more listing inventory. It is quite personal. Are you up to the challenge?

The real estate market is now changing for most agents around the world, so that ‘change’ is a leverage opportunity that you can work with. Top agents thrive in a changing real estate market.

The leverage that you create from this ‘change’ should or will be centered on talking to more people. Conversations create leads and information that you can work with.

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Today’s Averages with Agents

What happens here? The vast majority of real estate brokers despise doing prospecting. Why is that? They are not overly organised. That reluctance or avoidance then impacts property listing opportunities and consequently commissions.

It is time to think about the future. Prospecting for new business is a necessary component of brokerage and absolutely necessary if you want to increase the number of listings you have or can create over time.

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Changing Real Estate Market

As mentioned earlier, the real estate market is now changing and becoming more ‘ordinary’. That is where the best agents start matching people to property situations. Your database of contacts is now becoming more important than ever before to do that ‘mataching’.

Do not wait for the listings to come to you by ‘walking through the door’ of your agency. It is an extremely rare occurrence.

The fact to remember here is that the majority of your listings, if not all of them, will come via personal contacts. Grow those real estate contacts and build ongoing conversations with the right people.

What about the future now for you? It takes approximately the same amount of time to ruin your chances in the real estate market as it does to build a strong market presence; the time frame is about 3 to 6 months.

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