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In commercial real estate, the word ‘accountable’ is very powerful, but perhaps not used or respected as often as it should be. When you are ‘accountable’, you start to understand the realities of working hard and producing results as a real estate broker or agent.

The rewards in commercial real estate brokerage are many for the agents that stay on task and seek to improve their processes each day. You could say that it is a strategy that is proven in brokerage around the world.

Setting Agent Priorities in Brokerage

No matter how difficult the property market is, we still need to be ‘accountable’ to the people around us in business and in our families. In doing this we gain the respect that we deserve. We also create greater self-respect and that is a powerful tool to have and use.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to sell or lease a property. If you have done all the hard work and conditioned the client and the property to today’s market, then results are easier to achieve.

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Real Estate Career Results Produced

When this is done correctly we get more sales and listings of a quality that produces the results in any market. Have you ever noticed how some really good listings only seem to go to some top agents? That is because they are ‘accountable’ and the clients respect and trust them in that way.

Take steps to improve your real estate activities and processes. Small simple steps in change can bring about big results in commercial real estate sales and leasing.

So just who are we ‘accountable’ to and why? There are a few people to think about there. Here is a list:

  • TRUTH: Be true to yourself. This is the first factor and perhaps the most important. When you truly believe in what you are doing and how you are doing it, the ‘accountability’ factor is much easier. You can then commit to the process and do it every day. In our industry, the factors of habit are really important when it comes to building your market share and maintaining client relations.
  • BROKERAGE: Your boss and your agency should feature in the process. They provide the method for you to work within a brand and grow from that. It should be said that the agency brand is only the start; most of the work will focus back on you and how you market yourself into the local area.
  • RESPECT: Your co-workers should have your respect and your cooperation. In doing this you can all feed off the greater networking opportunity that is available. When the team works together well, you can share leads and opportunities. Shared commissions and transactions are generally reciprocated at a later time.
  • CLIENTS: Your clients expect your full efforts in the listing, marketing, inspecting, and negotiating on a deal. At the end of the transaction, they will pay your commission. Build strong and trusting relationships with your clients. Over time you will get repeating and referral business.
  • FAMILY: Your family will feature in your ‘accountability’ list. Strong family connections will encourage you to do all the hard things that happen every day. When you put in the effort in commercial real estate, the results start to flow.

So, all of this comes together when you really relate to your market and the people and properties within it. Build your skills and expertise at every opportunity; strive to be the best at what you do. The quality of information and knowledge that you have about the local area, you will find that your chances of converting a listing to a closed transaction will increase substantially.

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