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In commercial real estate, you will be doing many different things on a given day.  Some days and weeks will be quite pressured with new challenges and clients to serve.

The challenges of the day can overtake all the good intentions that you may have made the night before to get things done.


Having Plenty of Things to Do

Most agents have to do a variety of things each day including these:

  • Prospecting
  • Marketing
  • Client contact
  • New listing inspections
  • Paperwork
  • Taking inbound enquiries
  • Talking to people in your database
  • Negotiating
  • Taking property inspections
  • Following up on current contracts and leases
  • Team meetings and interaction

So the list here is quite extensive.  The choices that you make as a broker or agent in what to do first, and what to do every day, will largely impact the progress and the results that you get as an agent.

It is interesting to note that your greatest weakness in the list above is likely to be the one major thing that is holding back your career.


Conditioning to the Sales Process

The best agents ‘condition’ themselves for the sales process; they take on the challenges.  They know that it takes time to bring about change and get results.  It does, in fact, take about 3 to 4 weeks of constant effort in a new skill to get somewhere with what you are attempting to do.  The comfort zone is constantly there at the same time trying to get you to go back to the things that are easy and habitual.

The only way you can get somewhere in sales faster than your competitors is to do the hard things first every day.  They are usually the things that others do not do very often.  It is a conditioning process and it is very personal.  Over time you must change your habits and effort.


Mind Conditioning and Old Habits Change

So what is this ‘conditioning’ thing all about?  Look at it this way.  If you went to the gym today, how many push-ups could you do?  Most people will struggle to get 5 to 10 done with some reasonable skill.  If you attempt to do more push-ups every day, in about 3 or 4 weeks’ time you will be doing 40 or 50 at one time.  Your body and muscles will have adjusted.

The same process applies with your mind as you use it in your career and business.  Your mind takes effort in programming and resetting.  It has to ‘practice’ a new skill before it gets good at it.  Whilst you are trying to do all of that, it will do all in its power to take you back to what is ‘comfortable and convenient’.  Old habits take a long time to shift.

If you want a better commercial real estate business it is necessary to set new skills into your diary and do them every day until they are second nature.  Improve the momentum here by daily practice and dialogue improvement.  Stay on the track of self-improvement.

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