Connections Are The Immediate Priority for Agents and Heres Why

We all know about the health event worldwide.  It now repositions the commercial property market, and opportunities can exist soon. 

The share market is struggling, and it is too volatile; investors will likely move to commercial real estate as the ‘channel of choice’ for placing and security their money in the future. 

History Shows Trends

History has shown this to be a cycle to look for.  You can’t beat the stability of owning buildings and land.  Commercial, retail, and office property are all matched into that cycle.

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Listings for Sale

That then says our priorities right now as commercial real estate agents and brokers should be in capturing the listings for sale.  Get the stock into your books and have it ready to quote. 

When the tide starts to turn, you will need the listings to satisfy the enquiry.  The agent with the listings will be well placed for the future.

Matching People and Properties

When you have the listing stock, you can start to put people and properties together.  It has happened before in other property cycles.  Learn from history and start talking to people now. 

The approach is straightforward.  Are they prepared to sell or list their property for sale?  How many people in your location can you put that to?

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