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Proposals for new business in commercial real estate brokerage are a standard event.  That being said, they should never be a standard document or approach.  Relevance and innovation are the key concepts that help agents win a listing sales pitch or a client over to their brokerage.  Every proposal that is put together should be special and carefully considered.

Many if not most agents use some form of a template to design their proposals.  That is where the danger of ‘irrelevance’ starts.  It is just too easy to ‘fill in the blanks’ without the real commitment to understanding the property or the client.

Effective Proposals for New Business

It is likely that you have put some proposals together in your time; and you know that when you pitch for a listing, it is very likely that you will have a few agents competing against you.  To win the client over to your ideas and recommendations you will need to cover all of the following:

  • Show a deep understanding of the property and the clients requirements
  • Convey the real facts of the  market that relate to the property in its location
  • Illustrations, graphs, charts, testimonials, stories from the market
  • Give a clear assessment of the competing properties and how they compare
  • Marketing strategies that tap into the right target market and drive good levels of enquiry
  • A staged method of moving the property ahead with a real focus on the end result
  • Fee and commission structures that are fair and reasonable for the work to be undertaken
  • The personal commitment of the agent to the listing marketing, inspection, and negotiation process.

These are very specific issues.  A high-quality proposal simply has to handle these things.  You can see that a proposal to sell or lease a property that is undertaken on this basis would be ‘content rich’.  It would be hard for a client to overlook the message or the agent putting the presentation and proposal together.  Many presentations will be made in a formal setting such as a boardroom in front of business owners and decision makers.  You need to be ready for the pressures of the meeting.

Next time you are asked to put a listing presentation and proposal together, take another look at these facts and see if your document ‘ticks all the boxes’.  When you take a step closer to understanding the client’s needs and focus, most listing pitches get a lot easier.  Here is the sales or listing proposal checklist.

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How to Make Your Proposals in Commercial Real Estate Content Rich

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