Creating a Competitive Advantage in Brokerage

All commercial real estate agents can list, market, and sell a commercial property.  Some more successfully so than others.  The fact of the matter of the sale can be enhanced for a client in timing, target market, pricing, and methods of sale.  In those three factors are the competitive advantages that you want as an agent to be different and to help you convert more new business.

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The matters to question and review in listing a commercial property.

So, the idea here is that you can create a competitive advantage in brokerage for yourself with your sales strategies and your sales listings.  Strive to be different and relevant as an agent in a location when it comes to property promotions and client services.  Here are some ideas to help you do that.

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Three Approaches to Difference

Ask yourself these questions as you consider taking on a new listing for a client:

  • TARGETING: How can you tap into a target market for the property?  That question will involve telephone calls, brochures, emails, meetings, and conversations.  All of this does involve a degree of work, so make sure you have exclusivity sorted and in place before you take on the listing.
  • TIMING: How can you move the property forward to a successful outcome in a timely way?  Time is important to most clients as will be the price outcome.  You can build your marketing recommendations around timeliness.  You can also provide a timeline for your marketing and promotional ideas.  The marketing can, of course, be staged and upgraded through the campaign.  Every two or three weeks, ensure that you are upgrading the advertisements for the property.  Change the messages, the photos, and the placement.  All those elements should be aligned to the target market.
  • CHOICES: What are the best methods of sale given the property and the market circumstances today?  Momentum is important in getting a property result, and the method of sale will help you get to the result faster.  So, think about the way in which the various methods of sale can advance in today’s property and economic circumstances.  Show your client the ideas you have here with methods of sale.

Given all these things, you can see how you can now spend more time on your listings in chasing a better property outcome.  See more and do more with your quality listings.  Engage with the target market directly and specifically.

Strategies Go With Quality Listings

Every quality listing should have a strategy created and applied to the method of sale.  Build your listing messages to the client in your presentation.  Be different and direct when it comes to spending time on your property marketing processes.  That is the mark of a top agent in today’s changing property market.

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