Creating Call Blocking in Brokerage

A random approach to commercial real estate brokerage does not work overly well at any time, and as the property market is under change currently, the only way forward is by using systems of focus and consistent daily activity.  That is then a personal approach and discipline.

Luck is not a good thing to rely on when it comes to brokerage sales and leasing.  If you are wanting your real estate business to thrive and grow today and into the future, then only one thing matters and that is how frequently you are connecting with people (both new and current).  How do you do that? You can set prospecting blocks of time to achieve that and set more momentum in your real estate business.

Time Blocking for Business Growth

Why do all that ‘time blocking’ you are probably thinking?  It is the requirement to do certain things every day that is so important in brokerage. Getting involved with people and advancing conversations and connections will help you get somewhere.

A definite and daily prospecting block of time will help you build your business activities around habits and to do so faster than in any other way.  Habits will help you create more activity with people and property listings.

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The Rules of Momentum in Brokerage

Here are the rules to prospecting for new business that can help you get more traction in your local area as an agent:

  • STICK TO IT: It takes about 20 minutes to get your call momentum up and active.  So, do not stop and start your calls when you get distractions (and they will happen).  Stay with the call contact process and keep it moving.  Get into a ‘zone of activity’ or intensity where distractions are avoided and have little impact on your business day.  As you do that, you can track your responses and conversions to meetings.
  • COMMITMENT: Call-time should be at least 2 or 3 hours per session. The best time to do that is in the morning when you first start work.  It is also better for you if you can work into and make your calls from a quiet location away from other people. Open-plan offices are not good for making lots of calls; there is to much noise. Whilst noise may not worry you, it does distract the person you are talking to.  Find a space where you can set up your call facts, lists, and method.
  • CONVERSE and CONNECT: Be professional in all ways possible as you make your calls.  Create conversations and ask questions.   Do not push too much if the other person really does not want to connect or talk about their property situation.  There are plenty of other people to speak to in your location so do not get fixated on the few people that may not want to talk about property matters.  Find other people.

You can add a few more strategies to these ideas so that your call momentum is strong and effective.  Use a simple template to capture information as you speak to people. Writing notes on a formatted form or template will allow you to capture the information later in your database. 

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Use these ideas to make more calls in commercial real estate brokerage.

Stand Up and Talk

Stand up as you make your calls; that will help your conversational ability and confidence.  See if you can get up to about 25 outbound call connections per hour over a 2- or 3-hour period.  You can achieve that momentum when you ask simple questions and terminate the call if the person has no immediate need. 

Do not drag out a conversation unless there is something active with the person you have reached out to.  Momentum is important if you are ‘blocking your time’.  The logic is built on getting your calls done.

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