Creative Marketing Works Better in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today, your marketing efforts as a broker or agent should be well considered.  Understand that everything you do in promoting a property for sale or lease could be better.  There are variables to consider and improvements to be made.  There are opportunities to capture.

Top agents really know how to market both the property and themselves.  Planning is required.  Creative marketing is required.  I like to define that as the following:

  • Stand out as the industry expert in your property type and location
  • Send a clear and consistent message about every property that you take to the market, building on features and improvements in a very special way
  • Make it easy for people to connect with you at any time with questions and requests
  • Make it easy for inspections, enquiries and results to happen with every sale or lease opportunity

If you analyse these four things you can see that every marketing campaign is really special; and potentially you can do much more with your quality exclusive listings.  If you want to get results across your market and with those listings, then the four points of focus are very relevant.

The generic advertising and promotional approach doesn’t work in our industry today.  Every property that you list should be optimised for attracting and building on enquiry.  That certainly doesn’t mean that the ‘standard approach’ should apply to marketing, advertising content, and campaign structure.  Have a look at the four points again and think about those very special listings that you have on your books now.  Could you have done more with them?

I should qualify this a bit further and say that every ‘exclusive’ listing should get this special treatment.  Any ‘open’ listings should only get the generic type of promotion.  If you can’t win the trust of the client with an ‘exclusive’ listing, then you can’t trust the client to stick with you as you market the property with real effort.  Your effort should be drawn to those clients that trust you and work exclusively with you.

So what does creative marketing look like in commercial real estate?  In many ways it is the ‘extension’ of ordinary promotional efforts to make them more powerful with each property.  Here are some ideas:

  1. When it comes to the property being advertised on the internet, create banner advertising with priority placement at the top of the ‘zone’ or suburb.  Don’t let the property get lost in the maze of other ordinary properties online.
  2. Create a story and a tag line for the property.  Get a few books on ‘words that sell’ or ‘phrases that sell’.  You will find the ideas you get from those books will help you greatly with advertising content and reader attraction.
  3. Use quality photographs with every property promotion.  Use a professional photographer for that (this is or should be a vendor cost).
  4. Break every property promotion into simple ‘dot points’ that match the target market.  Get away from lengthy advertising with bulky paragraphs.

This extra effort is required to take your property listings up the ‘ladder’ of enquiry.  Send a real message to the market that your marketing skills are far superior to that of the competition. Over time that difference will be seen by prospects and clients in the market; it can then direct more quality listings to you and your brokerage.  The clients that we serve want the best brokers with the finest marketing skills.  How are yours?

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