Credibility Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

Most of the clients that we work with in commercial real estate agency want to work with the best agents with the best market share.  The sales and leasing process is not an experiment in marketing, and the clients will choose the best agents to help them resolve their property challenge.

It is important that you build credibility and reliability as a top agent in the local area.  This profile can take time to establish and it should be included in your prospecting and marketing activities.  When it comes to winning a listing, the factors of trust confidence and knowledge all play a very big part in the client’s final choice of agent.

If someone asked you a question about why they should use your commercial real estate services, what would be the answer?  Many agents will come up with some variation of the following:

  • We are the best agents in the local area
  • We have been in the business for many years
  • We know the market
  • We have the best people
  • We will give you a discount
  • We have the knowledge
  • You can trust us to do a good job
  • We have a track record

Whilst all of these things may be somewhat interesting, most of them will not convert a listing for you.  You will need to come up with the necessary proof and also the strategies behind how you will solve the client’s property issue.

In simple terms, you need some ‘credibility builders’.  Here are some ideas to help you with that:

  1. Have some details available relative to the properties that you have successfully marketed and sold or leased.  Make sure that the material is relevant to the client and visually supported with photographs.
  2. Carry with you a list of testimonials from clients that you have assisted previously.  In this situation you will again need photographs of the property and the client wherever possible.
  3. Use checklists when it comes to undertaking the client or the prospect interview.  Those checklists will improve your dialogue and professionalism.
  4. Use brochures specific to the property type such as office, industrial, or retail.
  5. Create flow charts or process charts that will help the client understand the best strategies to move ahead with their property challenge.
  6. Have some examples of property marketing to use as part of the client listing and connection.  It is wise to have three or four different advertising budgets to suit the promotion of a property.  The client can then make a choice based on cost verses strategy.
  7. Gather some stories relative to the market and the clients that you have assisted.  Those stories will help you with engaging your prospect or future client to your presentation or sales pitch.

Every sales pitch or presentation will be strengthened by regular practice and dialogue role play.  Build the practice process into your business day so that your conversions can increase from prospecting, cold calling, presentations, and inspections.

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