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Cold calling in commercial real estate is all about being professional, relevant and consistent. Approaching new people each day can then be more productive.

What does that lead to? Meetings, and potentially listings. Use this video about telephone prospecting to build your real estate contact systems as an agent locally.

What happens when you get this process underway? Conversations should improve as you make more calls, as should conversions to meetings and opportunities.

Building a Telephone Prospecting System

There are some things to help you improve your new business results. Daily practice can help you enhance the entire process a lot faster, and you can do it before you even get to the office.

Build your real estate prospecting skills. Make the right choices and establish a prospecting practice programme within your prospecting model.

You can also practise your telephone calls as part of a team effort and personal growth programme in the brokerage, so make the right choices and develop a practice programme within your prospecting model.

Work through a series of conversation role-plays with the other members of your real estate team on a weekly basis; devote time to developing and focusing on calling new people and creating client-focused dialogues.

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Your focus and skills matter in real estate.

Connecting with Property People

Every day, you will or should speak with a large number of people, and you should keep track of your success in terms of the number of prospecting calls made, meetings set up, and listings generated.

The numbers in telephone prospecting will improve over time, and you’ll develop relationships with the appropriate parties. You’ll know what works for you in a prospecting model once you see the contact numbers improve.

Progress in growing your client list and listing chances is very possible by watching your results and refining them. You also know how to improve the entire process in a direct and effective manner. Prepare to make the telephone calls, and do it in a competent and relevant manner.

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