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Designing a Commercial Real Estate Property Presentation that is a Cut Above the Rest

The property presentations and listing pitches that you make today must be first class and comprehensive; they have to be a ‘cut above the rest’ in every respect.  Most client presentations today are highly competitive.

The choice of agent will usually be biased towards the professional salesperson that is committed to solving the client’s property challenge in a timely and direct way.  Recommendations matter in showing the client what you are thinking about their property challenge.

Can you specifically show or say something to the client that will indicate why your property processes are more effective than others in getting results?  Its an important question that needs specific answers.


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Quality Factors to Watch in Presentations

Here are some simple ideas to help you lift the quality of your sales and listing pitch presentations in both sales and leasing:

  1. Attitude and Confidence – From the very beginning of the property presentation a committed agent ‘attitude’ has to stand out; confidence and market strategies will help with that. Show the client exactly how you will take their property challenge and move it into successful momentum.  Tell them how each stage of the process is ‘tried and tested’ from other properties recently marketed.  Show them how you have handled the marketing of difficult properties recently and give them the logic behind the marketing and negotiation strategies used.
  2. Illustrations and EvidenceThe best way to pitch a property presentation is in a combination of words, strategies, market evidence, and visual tools. One of the best ‘visual tools’ to use in your pitch is that of a Gantt chart.  The graphing process can show the client the critical stages of listing, marketing, inspecting, and negotiation as you see them for the subject property.  The process is, in fact, a good way of showing the client how specific tasks are critical to the property solutions that you are recommending.
  3. Enquiry Rates and Focus Factors – In today’s property market and with every property type you can track the levels of inbound enquiry coming to you, your office, and your websites. You can also track the levels and types of improvements that tenants and buyers are looking for.  Definitive information like this will help you show the client why the marketing to be used with their property should be shaped in a particular way.

From these three things you can easily see why personal involvement is really high on the agenda when it comes to winning a listing pitch.  Put your personal skills and efforts into every property presentation.  You are the point of difference that can help you win the client over to an exclusive listing appointment.

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