Developing Astounding Results from Your Listing Presentation

If you’re a commercial, industrial, or retail real estate agent or broker, you’ll have a natural approach to the listing presentation process. Do you want to improve that presentation style? Here are some ideas.

Having confidence in your listing style and professional skills demonstrates to the client that you are committed to finding a solution to their property problem.

You most likely already know how you prefer to approach a real estate client or prospective customer when discussing the benefits of leasing vs. selling. The customer and their ‘character’ will be somewhere in the listing alternatives.

Details About Listing Presentations

Check out the video below today about listing presentations and the nine elements of focus that will help you get better results with those listings.

All agents and brokers must prioritise protecting their clients and the ‘working relationship.’ That is certainly the case when you have many properties listed. There is also a difference in working with clients who have exclusive listings with you, versus those with open listings. Set your rules with that.

Provide your client with as much local property information as possible as early in the process. This will help them better understand the situation and the property pressures that exist in the area.

Real Estate Recommendations

You can make direct and deliberate recommendations to the client based on local property market evidence and other properties to resolve the property challenge for the client.

Be able to show the client that you understand what they need in order to list their property. Do be generic in that listing approach.

Ask deeper real estate questions about location, property facts, and the history of the asset or ownership.

Learn everything there is to know about their property before you start making real estate suggestions. Confidence and information will help you with that.

Prepare for listing discussions with the client by taking interior and exterior photos you can use in your listing presentation. The visual approach works well in connecting with your real estate clients

Show that you can address as well any worries they may have, and how you plan to ease their transition from one property transaction or decision to the next. Make it easy for them.

Marketing Alternatives for Listing

Instead of insisting on one way of marketing the property, offer your client or potential customer several marketing campaign alternatives. They will be able to move through decisions more quickly if they have options.

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