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Developing Successful Sales Presentation Techniques in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should have a refined and practiced sales presentation technique that allows you to show your true professionalism and relevant ideas to the clients and the prospects that you engage with.  Your sales presentation should be improved over time; practice will help you fast track the process.   So, what is the message here?  Start practicing your presentation and pitch.

Most presentations and listing pitches today are highly competitive with other agents and brokers chasing the same property and or client.  It is quite likely that you will only have one opportunity to engage the thinking and discussions of the client.  That opportunity may be as short as 15 to 30 minutes, so some real strategy is required.  Preparation is the key to engaging the clients thinking and optimizing the listing opportunity.  (NB – you can get plenty of sales presentation ideas in our Snapshot program right here – its free)


Confidence in the Connection


Before going too much further here, it should be said that most listings today are converted through the of the display of agent confidence in the presentation, and the levels of trust that the agent will have with the client.  It directly follows that confidence and trust are two of the critical elements that should be used as part of any property presentation.

Focus all your conversation and engagement techniques with the client around the elements of the property and current market conditions.  Talk about the prevailing property market as it exists today, and show the client how you will resolve their market challenge in real and relevant ways.


Recommend Ideas and Detail Facts


Make recommendations and show strategies that you know are important to the promotion of the property.  Here are some ideas to help with that:

  1. INSPECT THE SITE: Undertake a site inspection before attempting the sales or listing presentation. Understand all the pertinent strengths and weaknesses relating to the property in its location and the precinct.  Look at the improvements within the asset, and look at the property from the perspective of a potential buyer.  The site inspection will help you identify and address important facts that you believe will impact the sale momentum, the marketing process and any negotiation.
  2. PHOTOS: Take plenty of photos in and around the property before you present your sales recommendations to the client. Those photos can be featured as part of your presentation to support and explain your recommendations.  You can also run the photos as part of a rolling slide show presentation on a screen or a computer as you discuss recommendations with the client.  Photos of the property will engage the clients thinking.
  3. PROPERTY STRENGTHS: Identify the clear strengths of the property as you see it in today’s property market. Tell the client how you will be using the strengths of the asset in your marketing strategy, the promotional campaigns and all property inspections.
  4. TARGET MARKET: Define the target market to the client and explain exactly how you will be engaging with the target market as part of the property promotion. Put yourself in the process of local area marketing so the client understands that you are a key part of obtaining a successful outcome with their property.
  5. QUESTIONS MATTER: Understanding the property and the precinct, you should be able to develop a series of important questions and answers that the client should be concerned and or know about. Explain to the client how you will address these questions and answers in any property inspection with qualified buyers.
  6. STORIES: Establish some stories from recent sales activity, your other property listings, and recent buyer enquiry. Stories engage the thinking of the client and will help with any recommendations and decisions that you believe are important.
  7. TIMELINES: Provide a timeline to the process of marketing and sale for the listing. The best way to do that is through using Gantt charts displaying both the complexity of the sale or marketing campaign, and the timelines that you believe are important to the process.
  8. SIMPLICITY: Make the property presentation and marketing process relatively easy and simple; help the client see the simplicity of things in attracting buyer enquiry, and the strategies that you will use to deal reasonable momentum in the inspection process. Show how you can be the important point of difference in simplifying the sale process in a timely way.


Exclusivity Really Matters


In saying these things, focus on exclusivity as part of your sales presentation, listing strategy, and marketing processes.  I go back to the point of personal engagement and practice to help you improve your sales presentation with all your property listings.

The competitive nature of the property market today requires unique and relevant recommendations to convert most listings.

Ask for vendor paid marketing funds as you close on the listing and the decisions of the client.  If you have correctly and deeply engaged the client in your property recommendations, the factors of exclusivity and vendor paid marketing should not be too difficult to achieve.

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