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In commercial real estate brokerage, there are a few things to understand about making cold calls and reaching out to new people.  The telephone can boost your real estate business faster than anything else, however, there are some skills to learn.  This audio program will help you with the skills of cold calling.

Most agents and brokers struggle with the cold calling concept and inevitably fail to master the process. It is a new skill and special skill.

This then has a direct impact on their ability to grow business opportunities and attract listings. To be a successful agent or broker in commercial real estate you really do need to focus on certain aspects of the industry (particularly prospecting), understand the skills required, and then develop the regular ongoing practice to improve your conversions. Cold calling and prospecting are skills to be developed in that way.  Start the day with practice when it comes to getting your cold all prospecting underway.

Here are the call prospecting podcast notes:



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