Drive Client Decisions and Results in Commercial Real Estate

As a commercial real estate agent or broker, be opinionated and have a firm focus and direction with the clients that you work with.  Show the clients the way ahead with their property in today’s real estate market.  In this way you can be seen as a specialist.

There is nothing worse than an agent that agrees with everything that a client says; invariably the listing will then be overpriced and poorly marketed.  To make a property sale or lease happen you really do need to control the client and the property.  I guess that is why ‘exclusive listings’ are so important.  If you list ‘openly’ then you have no control over property circumstances.

Here are some facts worth considering:

  1. Top agents show the clients and prospects they work with some real logic and strategy with decisions to be made.  Logic supports strategy; it’s a solid combination when it comes to property marketing and promotion.
  2. You can get plenty of stories from the market that will help with pitching an idea.  Stories help a client understand how results are achieved.  Look around your market for real sales and leasing situations that are useful examples in marketing or negotiation.  You can include competitor’s listings in that process.  If a competitor makes a mistake with a listing, it becomes a useful tool and story in working with other clients.  The poor performance of other agents will always be a useful tool to be used well.
  3. To make any story ‘stick’ or to help with ‘engagement’ with the client, use photographs as leverage and the base of the message. Take plenty of photos and carry them with you on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet computer.  It is so easy to then use those photos as required in any sales pitch or marketing situation.
  4. Create some simple graphs based on market activity.  They can relate to price, time on market, property type, and other issues that give support to your marketing and negotiation strategies.  It is easy to get figures from the market to use in that way.

In all of this you can see how it is important to show the client that you are leading from the front when it comes to working with their property.

As a final note worth adding to all of this; give the client a few choices when it comes to a critical decision in a contract, lease, or marketing decision.  Keep things simple but give them some alternative ways to move ahead.  Make your recommendation within that information.

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