Easy Ways to Establishing a VIP Client Group

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should build a VIP group of people within your database. You can serve that group specifically and directly with tuned property information of relevance.

Having worked with many different types of clients over the years, I have seen some strange situations and have worked through some difficult client challenges. That being said, I was prepared to adjust to the focus, and I made sure that my knowledge and local area coverage was tuned to the thinking and the targets of the client.

You can do the same, and you can find the trigger points and focus points of the client with their property in today’s market. Remember to associate the disciplines of sales, leasing, and property management to the client focus and the property challenge. Bring in your best people to listen to the issues that the client may have when it comes to their property today.

In this audio program, I’d like to talk about the requirements are getting closer to your clients and building a VIP or client collateral group within your brokerage business. Identify the key clients that your team should be focusing on, and then systemise some valuable initiatives and relevant research to supply to that group.

Learn how in this audio training by John Highman

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