Educate Your Clients About Commercial Property Investment

There are so many things going on in the commercial property market at any one time that you can and should maintain regular updates for your clients on the many different market indicators.  The serious and genuine clients like to know how things are changing and where the next investment opportunities are.  Information will help them move to the next stage of action or change; that is where the next commissions will emanate.

VIP Clients

Within your client database, segment the VIP clients that you consider to be the best to work with and those most likely to take action on a sale or purchase requirement.   They will be your ‘top clients’.  Set up a contact cycle in the database so a ‘flag’ or task occurs at least once a month where you can make contact with those people individually in some meaningful way.

Use Information as a Client Contact Tool

The right information will help you make that contact.  Here are some of the things that I like to use in that contact process:

  1. Property Case Studies – From any recent property transaction there will be information to be shared and analysed; that information is certainly valuable to other clients and contacts in the local area. Talk about your recent property sales and leasing activity efficiently and directly with case studies.  Observe confidentiality where necessary in any finalised deal, but share and talk about the general facts of what may have happened in marketing and closing on any sale or lease.   Talk about what people are looking for in a property location or choice.
  2. Articles and Market Updates – When there is an intended property market change such as a zoning or precinct change, write an article about it and talk about the pros and cons of the change. Give an opinion as the local property expert for the area.
  3. Recent listings – Just about every agent today will send out property information about recent listings. Unfortunately, that is about the limit of what will be sent.  In sending details about recent properties that have come on the market, undertake follow-up telephone calls so you can understand what people are looking for and when the next property change is occurring for them.
  4. Summary of recent sales and lease activity – You can graph and list recent property deals in your location. Visual information can be very powerful when it comes to talking with clients or creating a contact.  Property market trends are quite interesting to investors and business owners.  You can be the person to provide that information directly through your database.

Education is a valuable strategy in property sales and leasing.  As the local expert in commercial property, you have plenty of information to use in client contact and regular communication.  All that is required is a system of contact and a professional way of charting and sharing the market updates.

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