Effective Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentation Inventory

There are always listing opportunities around for you to find in commercial real estate. Getting out of the office each day and talking to people is the first part of the process.

As you walk around your property market each day and speak with a variety of people, opportunities arise to pitch and offer your ideas. Are you out in your allocated territory enough?

Who do you talk to? Business owners and occupiers will be a good start as they are easy to find. Property investors are also a ‘good find’ and connection. So let’s upgrade your property presentation.

Presentation Checklist for Sales and Leasing Download

Are you prepared to earn some better commissions and real money? Use the ideas in this property presentation checklist to activate your real estate presentations to a new level. Your presentations can be more engaging and compelling.

Get this special report on listing presentations right here in PDF.

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How to create a highly effective listing presentation.

Key Questions to Ask in Real Estate

Asking questions will help you identify those listing opportunities for selling or leasing and promoting the client’s property. When you talk to more people, those opportunities will come on a frequent basis.

Information and ideas shared in a discussion will lead to a property presentation. Being prepared for that is essential.

It follows that you should have all of your presentation tools and ideas ready to use in order to engage the client’s thinking with their asset.

Preparation is the key to gaining new clients and listings. You can always improve your property listing chances by going ‘deeper’ on the facts and strategies available.

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