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Effective Direct Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

When you have any commercial property to sell, it is essential that you chat with the people in the local property market. Direct marketing is a good approach to getting a result with enquiry and inspections.

Invariably, most commercial real estate buyers will come initially from the local area of properties and businesses. To increase property sales, your property marketing strategies are critical and should be strategically set for the location and property type.

Getting the word out locally is, therefore, a good strategy. Divide up the promotional strategies regionally into primary activities and secondary activities. Consider locations and the types of people that you should be connecting with.

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Choices of Property Marketing Today

Direct marketing strategies involve these choices given the property type and the location. Think about what you are doing with these channels of promotion and marketing.

Seek to improve these contact channels with all of your exclusive listings.

Local Property Owners

Define a set of streets surrounding your property listing where property owners can be approached regards the new property listing.

Get involved with people. The direct approach involves telephone calls and direct mail.

Local Business Owners

Some nearby business owners will be interested in purchasing a nearby property for current or future owner occupancy. They then control their future of operations and service or manufacturing, whatever the case may be.

If your property offered for sale is vacant (or potentially so), then consider the local area of business owners and how you can approach them.

What will be the trigger points for a business owner’s purchase? Is it property size, the improvements, or the location? When you know the answer, you have something to home in on.

business people meeting in city office
Talk to local people about your listings.

Adjoining Property Owners or Occupiers

Check out the immediate locations and properties around your listing. Then, talk to the people owning or occupying nearby.

Every property listing is a reason to talk to others, and from those discussions, you will identify current property interests and future needs. It is a simple marketing process and should feature early in your property campaigns.

Local Brochure Drops

Today’s traditional brochure still exists in real estate. A quality set of photographs on a property listing and some selected text will always grab a real estate buyer’s interest.

So, get those brochures out locally while the signboard is about to be placed on the property. As a further promotional idea, please don’t overlook the signboard; it is valuable to any property marketing campaign.

Area and Precinct Door Knocking

It is wise to personally canvass every property in a set region around a new listing. That may be a group of streets or an entire precinct or suburb.

Grow your door-knocking campaign from local area coverage, as you will likely see more enquiries coming from the region. In addition, that can be another listing source for the future.

Selected Email Despatches

Go through your database to find a select group of VIPs you can connect with regarding the property. Also, create a group of real estate buyers by group, property requirement, and budget.

If your property is unique to an industry group, you can approach special groups in addition to the other strategies. This would be the case with a unique property, such as something that can be used for allied health or medical use.

boardroom meeting property presentation
Keep your property marketing direct and simple.

Practical Marketing is Easy

So, all these strategies can be a leverage point in your commercial real estate marketing campaign. They are easy to implement and will give you plenty of local area market intelligence.

Where do you start with this? First, make every exclusive listing a strategic approach involving direct local marketing. Build plenty of momentum from every property promotion and talk to lots of people as part of that. Talk to the local people and do that comprehensively.

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